About Infersystems Unlimited

Infersystems Unlimited is my "hypothetical consulting company". I don't currently do any actual consulting, and it's not a legal corporation or anything, but if I ever do start my own company, I'll probably use the Infersys name.

I've been thinking about incorporating lately, so that I can trademark the name, and do occasional part-time consulting if I ever need to. I don't know anything at all about what it would take to do that, though; if you do, and want to share any advice, please drop me a note.

I came up with "Infersystems Unlimited" when I needed to pick something to use as a domain name: I knew I wanted to reserve my own domain, but I wasn't sure what to call it.

My first choice was something based on "Evil Geniuses For A Better Tomorrow", which I've been listing as my "Organization" in e-mail and news as for a while now, and after a bit of thought, I decided to go after egfabt.org. (That "organization" is a group from Steve Jackson Games's Illuminati card game.) I even checked with Steve Jackson to make sure he wouldn't mind my taking the name -- he didn't -- but I found that someone else already had the domain reserved.

After discarding a couple of other alternatives, I decided to just make up my own name, since it was much less likely that I'd ever get into conflict with someone else over it. I came up with "Infersystems", and added the Unlimited because it sounded better to me (aesthetically) than "Incorporated" or any of the other obvious alternatives. I'm actually not sure if the "Unlimited" part has legal meaning or not (like "Incorporated" does), and if I should therefore stop using it...

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