This page is distinct from my Thoughts page in that this one is more about opinions and philosophies, more controversial stuff that I might like to argue about, while the other is more about random musings and ideas, things that I think other people might find interesting. It's a mix of links to actual thoughts I've written up, and placeholders for things I want to write about some day. It's more like a counterpart to my Questions page, in that this one has philosophical musings about things I think have answers to, and the other has musings about things for which I don't yet have answers I'm happy with.

(Some of what's currently here also reflects a time when I was a bit more strident about some of this stuff than I am now. I'm still pretty opposed to drugs, but I've started to think about deliberate and careful modification of one's own mental state as being not necessarily any worse than deliberate and careful modification of one's own body. I'm still not personally into either, but I'm no longer convinced that everyone who is must be some kind of nutjob. And I'm still very concerned about habitual and addictive drug use, especially how easily many people allow themselves to get hooked; and I'm still alarmed and annoyed by the hypocracy of people who pretend that "hard drugs" are somehow totally different from the drugs they use.)

Honesty is everything

Lying is an attempt to break the rules of life: To make things seem to be other than as they are, without doing what has to be done to change them. Lying is never a moral thing to do, and it is never a smart thing to do, and it will never work out better in the short-run, the long-run, or any other run. Be true to yourself, your family, your friends, your enemies, your strangers -- to everyone.

Alcohol is a drug

It's an addictive depressant. If you drink for fun, you're taking recreational drugs. If you party every weekend, you're a habitual drug user, and you might be an addict. The next time you want to stomp out drug use in this country, think about that.

Caffeine is a drug

It's a mild stimulant. If you drink Coke to help you work, you're taking drugs to keep up with your job. If you can't function in the morning until you've had that first cuppa joe, you're an addict. The next time you want to ban addictive substances, think about that.

Using drugs is a mistake

If you use drugs, you're screwing up your life. Medicine is a separate topic: I'm talking drugs for fun, to be cool, or because you're hooked. If you don't drink yet, do yourself a favor, and don't start. Learn how to relax without turning off your brain. Learn how to have fun without losing control. Learn how to stay alert without chugging cola and coffee.

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