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This is just a big collection of links to significant people and places in my life, past and present, roughly categorized by my connection to them.

Educational places

Foote School Kindergarten and first grade at a private school in New Haven CT
West University Elementary A few months of second grade, and third grade for the rest of the year, at a public school in Houston TX
River Oaks Elementary Fourth and fifth grade in a vanguard program at a public school in Houston TX
Sycamore Elementary Sixth grade at a public school with multi-grade classrooms and other non-traditional ideas in Claremont CA
El Roble Intermediate School Seventh and eight grade at Claremont's public junior high school
Claremont High School Four years at Claremont's public high school
Swarthmore College Four years at the number one small liberal arts college in the US
Swat's CS Department Just ten years later, it's grown so much as to be nearly unrecognizable

Work places

Red Cross My first real job was teaching Red Cross swimming lessons in Brewster MA, first as a volunteer, then as a paid instructor. Probably the source of a lot of my interest in teaching and kids.
Swarthmore College As an undergrad at Swarthmore, I worked part-time for what was then called the Computing Center. It's changed a lot since then -- we were all-Mac at that point, for example. The source of my interest in a career in computing, and where I honed a lot of my troubleshooting skills.
Harvey Mudd College My first full-time job was as the User Support Coordinator at Mudd, which ended up being about deploying their new Unix infrastructure and managing their student labs and consultants. I learned about Unix system administration here, and about formally managing groups.
NetMarket The startup job that lured me out of academia. For a while, it was like working for a small company with the resources of a corporate giant. Then things changed. I learned how to be a good Unix sysadmin, and many other valuable lessons.
Caltech My current job, where I've been since April of 1999. I've learned more about being a manager here, enough to know that I like it but don't love it; but I may grow to love it in time. It's great to be back in academia in any event

Family people

Betsy Smith My mom, whose page is tremendously out of date.
Gary Smith My dad, whose page is more up to date.
Jo Smith My sister, whose doesn't have a page at all.
David Noone My brother-in-law, except for the "law" part. (Brother-out-law? The guy who would be my brother-in-law if he and Jo actaully got married, anyway.)

More people yet to come, stay tuned

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