Archery in the Boston area

The SCA seems to be the main venue for outdoor archery in the Boston area, and is pleasantly open to the general public. MIT has an archery club, but it's only open to members of the MIT community (and likewise, probably, other nearby colleges and universities, although I haven't looked closely). There are a couple of archery shops in the area that have indoor ranges, but they're pretty expensive.

The local SCA group is the Carolingian Company Of Bowmen, who practice year-round on Sundays at the home of Peter the Red (aka Peter Carmichael) in Carlisle, MA. Useful information beyond what's on their web site:

South of Boston, there's the SE Mass Barony of Smoking Rocks, who have a page describing their various meetings, including archery at Trader Jan's in Fall River, which appears to be an indoor range with a $6 "lane fee". I haven't personally been to their meetings, so I don't know anything about them beyond what's on the web.

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