This page is distinct from my Answers page in that this one is more about random musings and ideas, things that I think other people might find interesting, while the other is more about opinions and philosophies, more controversial stuff that I might like to argue about (but would perhaps refrain from getting into at a casual social gathering). It's a mix of links to actual thoughts I've written up, and placeholders for things I want to write about some day.

I was thinking about romance at one point, and wrote up a description of some of the things I enjoy about romantic relationships.

I also have thoughts about the distinctions between friendship and romance in interpersonal relationships, which I haven't written up in a coherent form lately.

I want to write about polyamory at some point, about what it means to me, how it's come up in my life, why I think it's an important part of who I am, and maybe even why I think it's healthier than monogamy (well, "monoamory" technically, but that's an awkward and not commonly used term) in general.

When Chick Hearn died, I wrote up a few thoughts about him and sent them to the SWIL chat list.

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