Since November of 2009, I've been working as a senior systems engineer on the GENI at BBN Technologies, a company in Cambridge MA who mostly does high-tech defense contracting, but this particular contract is an NSF-funded research project. GENI is a project to create a nationwide network that experimenters can use to do research that isn't feasible to do on the Internet itself (e.g. to develop new incompatible network protocols), but on a network that's close to the size and scale of the Internet. It's a pretty neat idea, with lots of great people (both at BBN and across the country), and I like it here a lot.


Before coming to BBN, I was a sysadmin (and then manager-of-sysadmins) at Upromise for four years; a sysadmin (and then manager-of-sysadmins, and then sysadmin again) at Caltech for six and a half years, mostly through ITS, culminating in a nearly two year stint with CACR; a sysadmin (and then manager-of-sysadmins) at NetMarket (RIP) for four and a half years; and a sysadmin (and manager-of-student-consultants) at Harvey Mudd College for the two and a half years before that. I'd describe myself as a SAGE Level 4 (Senior) sysadmin, though my in-depth technical skills are not quite up to that level; my expertise is more in design & architecture, troubleshooting, and management (when the circumstances are right -- I'm a good sergeant, but only a mediocre captain). I've worked in computer support since January of 1989, when I took my first real job, as a student consultant at Swarthmore College. I've been involved in some sort of Unix system administration since the summer of 1992, and all of my home computers have run some variety of Unix since Mac OS 10. My resume (PDF) has more details about where I've been, what I did there, and what I'm good at (as of my departure from Upromise).

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