I'll post more info here about my gear, why I like archery, etc, at some point.

Basic info about archery in the Boston area.

Basic info about archery in Pasadena.

I appear to have first used a bow and arrow at Camp Cullen, a week-long field trip in the fifth grade in Houston. I then took the Archery/Volleyball PE class in high school (not sure which years), and the Archery PE class at Swarthmore (frosh year at least, maybe others). I shot behind ML and up at his parents' place with Alex. I don't think I did any archery in Claremont, the first time in Boston, or in San Mateo. I started shooting again at some point while at Caltech, possibly around October of 2003. Shot some with the SCA in Boston, tapered off in the winter and haven't been since October of 2008.

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