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These pages should work with any web browser, although Firefox, is pretty much the only browser I use regularly, and these pages aren't professional enough (or complicated enough) to be worth doing serious compatability testing. If something here doesn't look right in your favorite browser, do let me know.

I haven't updated these pages very often in the past, largely because I made them hard to update, by trying to use CVS to manage my site when I didn't actually know how to use CVS. It's not that CVS is particularly tricky, but when I only used it once every six months, I never remembered how to do anything... And the idea of having to re-learn how to do tags, releases, and so on, every time I wanted to make some small change, was sufficiently daunting that I eventually got used to the idea that my site was fundamentally hard to update. Well, no more; I've switched back to using RCS for revision control, and hope that getting rid of some of that complexity will make it easier for me to keep things more current. (I've also since become a proficient CVS and Subversion user, but why make things harder than they need to be.)

The table of links above has been part of my homepage for years, in large part due to the infrequent updates, but also because I like symmetry and dichotomy. At this point, I'm used to it, so I'm leaving it alone, but I might replace it some day. (Good night, sleep well, most likely kill you in the morning.) Not all of my pages are linked into those sections, which is sometimes a bug and sometimes a feature.

I removed all of my mailto links a while ago, and tried to obscure my e-mail address, because I had heard of studies showing that addresses on web pages are a prime source for spammers. It didn't seem to make much difference, and I continued to get more and more spam... SpamAssassin has nearly eliminated my spam problem, but I don't see much advantage in putting my mailto links back, so I'm going to leave them off for now.

Anyway, hope you find what you're looking for here; as always, feel free to send along any comments, questions, feedback, etc.

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